Next Level Godzilla shirt, SM leather shorts, Kara Zapatos flats, Forever21 tan leather bag

The Godzilla shirt was a cool hand-me-down from an editor... decided to pair it with some weekend-appropriate details in matching hues. Worn for a "miracle" afternoon of coffee and shopping which happened even though we were on our last $$$... and we didn't even spend a single centavo. More on that next time.

Still not quite back to my usual color after our beach weekend in Calaguas. This didn't feel quite at home at my Wordpress and Tumblr so I'm giving this old, self-serving blog a little dusting-off!



F21 shirt, Mango jeans

If you're still here: I wrote a year-ender post for 2013 on Medium.com

Now I welcome 2014 with a quieter, more focused perspective.
Will be intent on fixing more of what I do now, so that my future will be more exciting.
Will still dream big – I will not let go of my grand plans – but will be more calculating in my next steps.

I'm 26 and that's so young – but at the same time it feels like I need a lot of catching up to do!

My biggest dream this year: to finally write that long-overdue script/story/big body of written work.

I know it can happen!

(Also I have 3 active platforms now. I need to streamline or compile them into one host)


Wide Open


Sunday afternoon was just like a dream - it had no endings, no beginnings, and familiarity and strangeness blended together in one steady flow that really just made beautiful, calming sense.



4AM, still at work


Shadows settle in the place that you left

F21 pullover

My last post in this blog was three months ago, because three months ago, I decided on a whim to apply for a full-time job at Rappler. And then I got hired. ^_^

That happened in tandem with a full course load for my grad class so things became really, really busy, even for my standards (I'm terrified to check my grades even if 2nd sem's starting two weeks from now).


Now I spend my days (and some nights) doing some writing - trying to tell stories about brands and adding some newsworthy narratives to their objectives. A lot of brainstorming. The past two weeks, ironically enough, a lot of production-related stuff too.

It's different from PR (what I've done), or features (what I've done), or journalism (what I've never done). But it's also a mix of all those three.


In between, there's hardly any energy left to write personal stories, let alone take vain shots (also there hasn't been anything new / fantastic in terms of dressing up lately).

I'm putting this up to commemorate the fact that if I put my mind to it, I can make time for black and white grainy photos against a messy bedroom where I've been trundling into past 2 AM for the last month. And if I can make time for all that, I can make time for writing my story.

I can't forget what I love, even in the midst of learning to love a new thing.

Memo to my indulgent, missing 19-year-old idyllic Saturdays self.


Back Stories

A basic piece that becomes a thing of interest because of its posterior tie-up detail. To add to the XXX amount of black in my closet of old but singular stuff.


Grey, Garden

Izzue Shop dress (thrifted), Divi flats from last year.

A rainy Saturday at Sonya's to celebrate with a beautiful friend and her loving husband. Shot by my Ranie.



Thrifted thing

Take flight and fight for the right that our forefathers have given to us. Happy Independence Day!



Heiress Shop Sunnies | Top Primadonna | Divi Pants | Gab Bag | Cotton On Watch

Happy to find this "hidden" corner in one of the usual haunts. Only this decidedly summery outfit was drenched by night-time.



Coat Forever 21 | Dress Cotton On | Boots Doc Martens from HK | Necklace OS

Covering #BU5 and some weekend hangout after.